Rules For Clan Beach Guys [BG]

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Rules For Clan Beach Guys [BG]

Post by John Cena on 2017-02-20, 11:24 am

Rules Of Beach Guys Clan
. As a member of clan you must respect all your clan mates.
. All =BG= members use official clan skin (Beach Guy skin in clanwars)
. All members will remember that this is just a game and will have fun and not take it  too seriously.
. The member must know the clan name "Beach Guy" 
. As a member of the =BG=, you acknowledge that you will not be a member of any other clan.
.  Don't ask for promotion our staff will promote you when they see any improvement in your skills ,Behaviour     etc.?
. All the members of clan must be active in-game and clan forum.
. As a member of =BG=  should help  his clan mates in-game when ever his clan mate was fighting.  
. Don't spam in forum topics.
. Don't break any rule of or main server(VKs),(EC),(Littlewhitey's) and other servers.
. All members are prohibited from cheating in-game by any means possible. All members found to be hacking/cheating will be removed from the clan immediately.

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